2016! Racing is on! We are running the 305 BST Sprint Car Tour, some URSS races & 360 Lucas Oil Tour Races. Check out the race schedule!
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Justin Wolf Medlock - Bio

The first thing that fueled Justin's passion for racing was watching his dad tinker with cars and other projects. His parents had the opportunity to move to Colorado Springs in 1990 from his birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska. One beautiful May evening, the Medlock's had just sat down to eat dinner when Justin heard a loud sound. It was so loud that it was vibrating the windows in the house. He ran outside and to his amazement, across the street sat a bright blue Pikes Peak Hill Climb racecar. Joining the crew began Justin's journey to becoming a professional racecar driver and Shadow Racing Team was born!

Justin started racing go-karts at age twelve and won several championships and races along the way. In 2004 Justin decided to hang up his helmet and pursue developing an ASCS 360 sprint car team. Justin spent 2004-2007 doing ASCS Sprint Car Research, Marketing and Development, and going to college. After completing Applied Science in Welding Technology to become an ornamental iron artist and expanded his knowledge of metallurgy for the race team. During this time he developed a strong marketing program for Shadow Racing Team. The summer of 2006 he purchased his first sprint car.

The beginning of the 2008 rookie season was amazing! After being out of the racing seat for 4-years, Justin jumped head first into a 700 horsepower ASCS Winged Sprint car. This took some getting used to for Justin and the team as he went from a 10 horsepower go-kart into a monster of a machine. We learned the chassis so quickly that it allowed Justin to get some amazing seat time. We had some incredible races and finished 9th in the championship, not half bad for a kid straight out of 10 horsepower go-karts!

In the 2009 season we had such a great opportunity to race with many different series. Although this kept us out of the points chase, Justin and his dad were able to gain valuable experience racing against some of the world's greatest sprinters. From the Rocky Mountain & Northwest ASCS series to the NCRA guys in Kansas, to the Big Sky Sprint car tour in Montana...we went everywhere that summer! Each race has taught us something new, which added to our successful season. Each series brought new challenges of unknown tracks, being the outsider and learning to adapt to changes. This pushed Justin to race harder and faster, which has developed his driving skills and confidence in his car.

The 2010 season brought some highs and lows. We started off with some of our best career finishes and Justin learned that we clearly have the skills and equipment to get the job done this season. He also learned to ride the high line and discovered the incredible feeling of g-force and exhilaration! We had many A feature top five and ten finishes. Many of our long time competitors and mentors noticed that he was now a competitor and a racer to reckon with.  

During the 2011 season we were unable to contend due to our horrible auto accident. We took the time for continued healing and restoration and have taken time to rebuild the team.

2012 brought us back into the race world with an opportunity to buy out a race team who we raced with years ago. We spent a lot of time putting the team back together while continuing to heal and strengthen. In 2013 we were finally able to attend a few races at the end of the year. It was great to get back in the race car.

In 2014 we decided to upgrade the toterhome to a full blown semi which was able to handle the race trailer. We have enjoyed the capability, the size and organization that the new rig has provided.  We did some cool promotional events and were able to get in a few races.

In 2015 we were finally committed to run a full season!  We decided to put together a 305 sprint car for this season since Colorado finally had a local race series. We made it to every race and after a rough start, we finished 5th out of 30 cars. We attended a few 360 races but mostly focused on the 305 tours. It was awesome to be back car and we look forward to the 2016 season!

Psalms 91 ~ Racing Under the Shadow of HIS wings!